Devotions for Super Average Kids! (Free Shipping)

Bob's Junior High Alter Ego wrote a book. (FREE SHIPPING) This book was originally called "Growing Up Super Average: The Adventure's of Average Boy". Focus on the Family rereleased it with 5 new chapters and a few more jokes thrown in to the other 25 chapters. Overview: Bob first created the character "Average Boy" in a monthly column for Clubhouse magazine in 2003. He instantly became a reader favorite....Average Boy, not Bob....even though they are sort of the same person. When asked to describe the book and the character, Bob said, "Average Boy is basically me but as a Junior High kid. So its all the things that have happened to me or my friends told through the eyes of Average Boy. The book is 30 chapters with each chapter having a humorous adventure that leads to Average Boy either learning something about God or teaching someone about God. Then the end of each chapter has a devotional guide followed up with scriptures that go with the story. I'm really excited because this book is so unlike any book I've ever read, there is no coloring and no pop up pictures. I cant wait for kids to read the funny stories and hopefully learn a little about how to handle some of the things they are dealing with right now at their age." **Our store now requires the 3 digit code on the back of your card to complete all orders so please don't forget to fill that out! NOTE: We do not accept American Express cards.

Devotions for Super Average Kids! (Free Shipping)
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